Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The Envirogroup children were invited to Quarantine Island on Tuesday, to help with the St Martin Island Community planting project, to restore ecosystems and improve the habitat for wildlife. The day began with an exciting ride on a boat and the discovery of two ship-wrecks on the island.  First we walked on the island trails amongst spectacular views over the peninsula and near Port Chalmers. We explored a dramatic cave and discovered little bays hidden from view.   

Our Envirogroup planted hardy trees such as Ngaio, Cabbage trees, Whitey Wood and flaxes among others on the harsh, windy and sloping edges of the island. We felt proud that we had helped in the beginning stages of a new habitat.  Once these tough trees become established they would begin to soften the destructive power of the winds and saltwater spray and provide shelter for more fragile trees and wildlife in micro-climates.  Many hands made light work and our efforts were rewarded with a hot chocolate in the old, historic lodge, while Ken Mason told us a real pirate story.   He is a retired teacher and he taught our Macandrew Bay School World Savers the best ways to plant trees and re-pot little seedlings. 

We had contributed to the St Martin Island Community’s dream, to rebuild ecosystems and create a better environment for the wildlife. We know we are guardians of the land and we want to help look after it.  Thank you to the parent volunteers and the Envirogroup children who made this trip possible.

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