Sunday, June 7, 2009

Davina Tells Stories of Enviro Heroes

Davina visited our school on the 8 June, to tell us about some Enviro-Heroes.  She told us about David de Rothschild who made a yacht out of plastic bottles.  He was inventive and he thought of a new way to use old plastic bottles. 
Davina also told us about Kamo High School in Whangarei, who were the first school in the world to create a Marine Reserve.  
Another hero is Sophie Smith.  When she was 10 years old, she wrote a letter to a conservation group telling them about the endangered Takahe bird and that they needed help to save them.  Mitre 10 heard about Sophie and her letter, and so they gave $200,000 to help save the Takahe.   
Davina also told us about Susan Smirk who went to Otago Girls High School.  Susan won a competition for her documentary video about eels.  Her Prize was to go to Greenland.  Jinty MacTavish filmed their trip to Greenland and it's environment and she also won a prize for her film.
Davina taught us that heroes identify a problem, they think about different ways to solve the problem, they choose a way to take action and they reflect on their actions like, telling others about it.  She helped us to know that anyone can become a hero for the environment.  

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